the bow used by kwyies
eat my bow you nonk-wyjies

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  • b*llsick

    blue b-lls for the heart. depression caused by the lingering thoughts of one close to the heart. dude, tom stop being so b-llsick….shizade. b-tchs make me b-llsick. man im totally b-llsick over sarah, look at that chick shes pantstastic. a work to describe a emotion of anger, or getting owned. originates from b-lls-ck but i […]

  • dukkets

    1: a friend that you haven’t heard from in a while. 2: a friend who is avoiding you. since my buddy moved he has become quite the dukkets.

  • global struggle against extremism

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  • glue movie

    movies you can’t stop watching whenever you see them on tv. every time i see ferris bueller’s day off on tv i have to watch it! it’s my glue movie.

  • dumb brick

    a term used to used to describe cold -ss m-th- f-ck-n weather. ryan: it’s so dumb brick outside, i’m gonna freeze my b-lls off.

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