the kind of guy who will f-cking find your ip address and murder your family cause you looked at him funny. then drive off in some kind of f-cking slugbug.

basically some f-ck boy who lacks about 7 chromosomes and will call you autistic when he’s getting mad over a kids game where nolifers rp.
kxmail=you’re f-cking autistic as f-ck!
normal functioning human=whoa dude, please don’t hurt me please, i’ll give you my money! (sarcasm)

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    scientific minded individual who can immediately -ssess how much of a particular illicit drug one should take, based on weight and prior resistance built up. oh, hey…they got peyote! i’ve never done it before, so i better find a doseboy!

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    a brutfutt is a brother who f-cks you for experience who then becomes a prost-tute guy1:i need to do a brutfutt guy2:i’m free guy1:thanks dude

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