ky-ya is a demon
your such a ky-ya

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  • grandma stain

    when you p–p in someone else’s toilet “oh no, but it seems like i have dropped a grandma stain”

  • kreets

    kreets are crusty sheets that are full of debris, such as: toe and fingernail clippings, dead skin from psoriasis, as well as bacon crumbs and other delicious food items. the kreets were so foul they almost crawled off of the bed. everywhere mark goes he seems to leave a trail of kreets behind.

  • thinking outside the box

    the thoughts a male has during intercourse to delay his impending -j-c-l-t–n. examples include sports, work, movies and his grandmother’s loose, grungy, mothball ridden c-nt. mike 2: dude i came in like .08 seconds last night, my wife was p-ssed. mike 1: guess you weren’t thinking outside the box!

  • ryan martin

    a fish dude: look i caught a fish! its a salmon!!! cool other dude: me too, only it’s just a ryan martin dude: aw i’m sorry about your bad catch

  • jarus

    a predator, mostly online looking for nudes in chats; someone who can’t keep it in their pants. “he just sent me a d-ck pic! he’s such a jarus!”

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