a beautiful girl ; she is loved ; she has a hard time trusting people ; she has style ; she’s different ; she’s not good at relationships ; not very flirtatious ; smart ; well-rounded ; has a lot of friends ; loves food ; messy ; not very organized ; she’s very obsessive compulsive about the things she touches ; has a unpredictable att-tude ; respectful ; she can be nice ; she’s very giving .
her name is kyana and she is beautiful
kyana is a name for a beautiful girl. she can be extremely nice and fun to be around but is extremely confusing. guys would love a chance with her but she often doesn’t give them and leaves them in a sad place called the friendzone. she isn’t good with relationships when she actually is one. she if a very outgoing person, loves to eat, confusing, outdoorsy, and different. loves to meet new people but leaves old friends behind when she does. is extremely smart but constantly confused with feelings. she has style and looks to make other girls jealous but doesn’t think she is all that. she is very caring and means no harm when she causes some. she has beautiful hair and eyes.
joe: d-mn look at that amazing girl, i want to meet her.
bob: ya her name is kyana, amazing girl, but she will leave you in the friendzone.

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