a ‘kyenna’ is a type of rare walrus that dwells in the seas off the coast of england close to shrewsbury. the name ‘kyenna’ usually cannot be pr-nounced by english teachers, and is usually mispr-nounced as ‘kee-ana’ by the general public. kyennas tend to be many things: warped, wild, weird, and on/off vegetarians. kyennas enjoy a variety of music from techno beats to punk rock. however, they do not enjoy rap, hip-hop or country, especially the music of taylor swift. kyennas have a soft spot for men with questionable s-xuality and bowl cuts. their friends tend to be plain but deceiving things, such a pumpkins and olives. they will be usually sporting square nermo gl-sses and band tee shirts. they do not like words such as ‘vajayjay’, ‘youwh-r-‘, and ‘sl-ttymcsl-tpants’ so please be aware of the language used around them. some characteristics/habits of kyennas to be feared are menopausal rioting, erratic mosh moves, c-ckatoo-like hair, and poor driving skills on roads with three lanes or more. if you are faced with an irate kyenna, sing the lyrics to “we rule the streets” with any spur of the moment dance moves that most imitates a chippendale dancer and they will most likely swim away. or stay and watch. it depends on the kyenna.
“virgin mother of jesus, what happened to you?!”
“a pack of kyennas just knocked me out of the !@$%ing mosh pit with a whirling dervish!”


“mom, can i have a pet kyenna?”
“no, dear, we have enough pimps coming through the house as it is.”

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