a cute boy who is very nice to others

he is the type of guy who dates a cute girl

s-xiest male cute

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  • salted tomato

    a white person’s sweat b-lls. red af and salty. hey chad, how’s your…salted tomato doing? just make sure you aren’t making a caprese salad.

  • wreast

    the act of wrestling with breast “me and becca had to wreast the other day because she was being an idiot”

  • b*n*r home

    a “home” for your b-n-r i can’t wait to go out and find a b-n-r home

  • full frontal runtle

    the act of grabbing the base of the c-ck and b-lls and wiping them on an inanimate object. jack gave the 1967 chevelle a full frontal runtle to the dismay of the cars owner.

  • ilm

    acronym for i love me. 1) person 1: i was dating this guy for a while and he was real egotistical, like when i told him ilu for the first time, his response was, “sorry, ilm.” 2) person 2: well, i had this girl take headshots for me and i couldn’t bring myself to delete […]

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