kyla marquez

kyla marquez is a wonderful girl who’s been through a lot and still smiles no matter how awful things get. she’s friends with everyone, she’s usually in a huge group of friends and she is the life of the party of the group. she’s a fighter but only for what she believes is right. she’s crazy loyal to people she loves and would do anything for them even if they aren’t that close anymore. thats one thing people love about her. she really is a loveable person. most guys fall for her smile and personality. she’s that girl who’s very sporty and will do and try anything. she’s really nice and smart some people would say she’s gorgeous. most people say she is a girl who will do and can do anything. she’s one of those people who just preservers no matter what. she’s an inspiration to all and i’m happy she’s in my life.
girl1: who’s that girl over there? the one laughing with that huge group?
girl 2: she’s kyla marquez, she is the life of the party

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