kyle andersen

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can you define it?

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  • nae naed

    the act of getting or receiving a brutal memeing. a term used when roasting a boi, preferable usage would include when you prank this boi so bad he wants to kys himself. famous celebrity and fashion icon danny devito first coined this phrase in the summer of 09. “after that boi dissed me i nae […]

  • syana

    a amazing person,and friend,nice,funny,savage,beautyful,kind and sweet basicly just god dam amazing to have i met this girl she was so syanas

  • emojian

    a human on the internet that only talks in emoji’s and wants people to understand what he means in emoji’s i hate all these emojians

  • bone snapple beef

    alternative to ‘bone apple teeth’ or ‘bon appet-te’ -fancy meal arrives- “bone snapple beef!”

  • happt*tude

    your ability to replace cr-piness with happiness. once she stfu she remembered what happiness felt like and her happt-tude level skyrocketed and got all jonesy for that sh-t.

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