kyle dowdy

one who loves p-n-s.
that guy is such a kyle dowdy

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  • puppyitis

    when a dog, especially a puppy or small dog, uses your body as a pillow and causes you to not want to move. i could not get up because i have puppyitis

  • ben 10d

    when something decent is revamped into a sh-ttier version. in reference to ben 10’s numerous reboots after the original series. person 1: have you seen teen t-tans go!? person 2: no, i heard they ben 10’d it so i figured it’d be a waste of time to watch it. person 1: you’re not wrong.

  • helix joint

    a helix joint refers to a joint rolled with two or more different types of marijuana strains that contain similar dna. i rolled a helix joint with two different kinds of kush that had similar genealogy.

  • so like

    a term used to emphasise or say something, followed by a short pause or spoken comma. often used in conjuction with the term “whatever” (each part of the sentence must be spoken as a question). originated from those f-ckwit teenagers in america. “so corey and i went to the movies, and he was so like […]

  • pesnart

    (puh-sn-art); to sneeze and fart, while urinating… past tense pesnarted, current pesnarting, plural pesnarts the weirdest thing just happened in the bathroom, i let a pesnart!

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