kyosha is a powerful woman. mostly known for her sense of humor and her beautiful personality. she has an unstoppable s-x drive and can be hard to keep up with. she is beautiful inside and out and everyone loves to be around her. she is s-xy, funny, down to earth, smart, and loving. if you ever meet her you better hold on tight and never let her go, because not only is the name rare……her very being is something that occurs once in a lifetime. she loves hard and is true in who she falls in love with. she is independent amd can handle her own, but she is a team player to get the job done. she loves to talk….even if its not imporant, just to hear your voice. feed her mind body and soul and she will be yours forever. loyalty is her strong suit as long as you love her correctly. if you have her……keep her!
i married a woman name kyosha and now my life is complete.

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