a word that is used in a way to say okay
go clean your room. kzo.

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  • hideur

    french word for : ugly loser who works at minimum wage -what a loser, working at a subway -i know right, he’s such a “hideur”

  • ethan and alyssa

    a cute couple who will last forever “there so cute together” “i bet there names are ethan and alyssa”

  • schleedle

    when you put your finger in someones crevices such as in between their toes, fingers, or elbows i’m going to schleedle you.

  • little gamble

    someone who is a total d-ckhead f-ggot you little gamble

  • ayitey

    an extremely s-xy and intelligent black male with an anaconda in his boxers that dude over there looks like a total ayitey

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