the ancient teachings of the great frederick rode. the life philosophy of licking, sucking, and f-cking, built upon the theory that all women are dumpy wh-r-s and need to lick it, or suck it, or f-ck it. the current lsf crew consisting of anthony, aaron, and adam are alive and well, practicing l.s.f. daily in buffalo, ny. also known as aaa. there are other followers set in atlanta,ga.
licking a b-tch, having a b-tch suck you, and f-cking a b-tch. the two finger rule is still undergowing the review prossess…….beck……..

“l.s.f.ing a b-tch near you…..”
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lick suck f-ck
lick suck f-ck
last stand f-ggot. a person, preferably in cod mw2, who uses the last stand perk, and has a chance to get back up. this is very unrealistic and stupid. these people get put in last stand and hide around a corner and stop someone of their killstreak.
danm it! that son b-tch lsf laying on the ground! someone get eem!
lying sh-t face
some person keeps lying to you and when you’ve reached the limit of their lies you go “f-ck it, you’re an lsf”. the word is then used on the person =)
it means listen so forth as in
“i hate you”
“lsf stfu”
living stones fellowship. the shiz of christian ya fellowships in the bay area
shoot man, i’m rolling 20 deep to lsf, foo….

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