generally, a blunt. can, in looser application, refer to any rolled marijuana receptor.
b hayes: hey yo, e. hayes, what you tryin’ a do?
e hayes: to himself: yo yo my lyrical dream extreme… oh, sup b. hayes, im just tryin’a get down on this l…

i love

l in love
a genius detective from the anime death note. he holds three different names of intellectual detectives around the world.
the famous detective l was killed by yagami light.
an l is a marijuana joint, created with 2 papers that before rolled, has an l shape to it, but normally the l is on its side with the long side going across instead of going up and down, and the smaller end going up and down, then you put the marijuana (preferably mixed with tobacco) in the l, roll it, then enjoy your l joint.
contrary to popular believe, it’s not technically a blunt, a blunt is a cigar re-rolled with marijuana, or you can just buy an already non-rolled blunt paper, an l is a good stepping stone to a blunt, you can fit 1g-1.5g in an l, whereas a blunt can go 3g-5g.
dev – sh-t yo, this ain’t gonna fit in this extendo l

friars – well, give me half, i guess we gotta roll 2 l’s..

dev- booombbbb..

sh-t son thats the sweetest l i’ve seen, burns perf too.
the beloved detective from death note.

an insomniac who loves sugar and caffeine.

also “danuve” and “eraldo coil.”
“l, do you know? g-ds of death love apples.”
a cigar that is unwrapped/unraveled and refilled with marijuana and then smoked. another name for this procedure is blunt. this name was aquired by the brand philly blunts, which is a brand of cigar that is popular for this use. other cigar brands that are popular for this use are dutch masters, el producto’s, sweedish sweets and garcia vagas.
peace to mateo, now we smoke weed like tony montana sniffed the yayo, thats crazy blunts, mad l’s…..
~notorious big
weed filled cigar, aka blunt
p-ss the l my way
the world’s greatest detective.

l lawliet, commonly referred to by his alias “l”, is a fictional character in the manga and anime series death note. he is considered the world’s greatest detective, and he takes on the kira investigation in the first arc.
“i plan to become the next l”

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