la pedrera

1- a shanty beach town in uruguay two hours away from punta del este. during ‘carnaval’ the one mile long street is stampeded by over twenty thousand people with masks on, and little to no clothing. people carry a bottle of hard liquor in one hand and a bottle of silly string in the other, spray each other with said substances, and run around acting like savage animals. there are music stands (as there are at music festivals) so people can dance. everyone makes out with each other.

2- once a year, during ‘carnaval’, the most beautiful men in south america show up to this beach town to pelt girls with silly string and then make out with them
1- a man sprayed my eyes with silly string, and then another one tried to help me wash it out with vodka! it f-ck-ng hurt! and then we danced.

2- one of the beautiful men i kissed at la pedrera told me he has herpes. i feel bad for the 20+ innocent victims i kissed that night i may have given this to.

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