an -ss. an -ss who thinks that they are unique although they are doin the same thing as every1 else. sum1 who judges ppl before getting to know them. sum1 who labels ppl as either punk,prep,goth,gangsta,emo and etc. humans were not to be labeled u f-g!!!!! a label belongs on a soup can. youre not god so stop judgin ppl before u kno them u wh-r-!
labeler: oh look a cheerleader, must be a prep!
im so unique cuz im not like them although im doin the same thing as every1 else who thinks they are unique! im a god d-mn hypocrite mommy!god im a kewl stereotyped poser.
some kid or group of kids in a middle school or high school setting that go around with a god complex and calling someone a “goth” if one day they decide to wear a black t-shirt or a “pyscho” because you decide not to talk to the douches there because the kids in elementary school are more mature than them.
a labeler walked by me and when i was out of hearing distance he m-ffled “emo” and that was the day you were supposed to not care about your appearance and dress like a homeless person to impress the general high school populace.
a really fun thing that you use to make labels you print out what you want them to say and then you can peel them off because they are stickers.
my labeler is so much fun
someone who comes to a party completely unknown, and turns up to the maximum level. he turns everyone else up higher then they were before, brings free sh-t like weed, beer, drugs, all that nice stuff, and then gives it all away. thing is? they leave, unknown, with just a name left behind.
for example. last year, on a florida beach. some tall dude with the sh-ggiest hair came to my college beach party. was getting boring as jagger man. this dude shows up, 2 ounces of the loudestttt sh-t ever man! just gave it away! then he got up on the cliff and started head banging, pouring a 40 ounce on his hair. total f-cking epic. dude left though, when the hottest girl in the party started grinding. left his name in her back pocket. “charlie marley” dudes a legend here in the carolina beaches man. at least to everyone around me! he’s like an urban legend of all labelers!

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