i was labin it last night at the party.

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  • McSourface

    what you do whenever you are extremely frustrated or angry.

  • meatball sandwhich

    it involves 1 d-ck, 2 b-lls, 3 v-g-n-s…you put each ball in 1 v-g-n- each and the 3rd v-g-n- goes on the d-ck. sam(the guy),samantha, abby, and joann had a meatball sandwhich in the bathroom.

  • Meat Fetish

    a fetish where someone just loves to smell, feel, rub, milk, and photograph meat. it should also be noted that someone who has a meat fetish will never eat the meat as it is considered disrespectful to the meat. meat fetish person: gimme that meat, i wanna hang out with it meat owner: f-ck no, […]

  • Meat Monkey

    a largely built male or female. usually found in packs hanging around weight lifting apperatus, but not usually seen actually using the stuff. characterised by drinking milk-shakes from a beaker/ sippy cup, and talking in monosyllables. look into any gym, worldwide and you will find these meat monkeys in the free-weight section.

  • Mediasite Trombone

    receiving a rusty trombone while mediasiting lectures i heard stephen was getting a mediasite trombone while he was catching up on micro lectures.

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