an obtuse enigmatic s-d-st who enjoyed torturing his students and other psycho–n-lytic theorists by writing in an intentionally obscure style. he made derrida look like mr. clear and concise. his only saving grace is that his ideas are so sp-rs- and insignificant compared to jung, that most likely he will be forgotten in the grander scheme of history.
lacan’s symbolic ideas are pure imaginary, and thus have nothing to do with the real.

if i have to read lacan again, i will blow a hole in my brain; then again, reading lacan is virtually blowing a hole in one’s brain. is this repet-tion with a difference?
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a pirate with a higher intellect then usual pirates. tends to be a smart-ss most of the time.
that lacan made fun of me.
the little boy who was 18, had no friends, threatened to commit suicide, and has no p-n-s
look! it’s lacans older brother!
the greatest psycho-n-lyst ever – believed that all things derived from the lack – and that reaching a zero point of desire was impossible- f-ck you zizek lets not traverse the fantasy- he kicked deleuze and guatarri’s -sses every day.
every single day.
lacan (even tho he had the girlie middle name marie) was a pimp. a pimp i tell u

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