a s-xah dragonboi. often involved in boofka.
i wonder if nagisa lacclolith is ever going to read this…

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  • queef pierce

    someone who is considered to be very conceded and pr-ck-like with a harry black gooch that kid is such a queef pierce.

  • camb-t*rduckin

    a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey stuffed in a lamb stuffed in a camel. extremely hard to cook thoroughly. if you put a hamster inside the chicken it becomes a cambst-rduckin. “yo dude this thanksgiving i’m gonna attempt the camb-t-rduckin.” “dude that’s sick i hope your in-laws like it!”

  • ghost twitterer

    when a busy high profile public figure such as, let’s say, barack obama gets a twitter account, it’s pretty much granted that he doesn’t have the time to actually ‘tweet’ – therefore the situation calls for a ghost twitterer (similar to a ghost writer), a person in that person’s staff, who does the tweeting for […]

  • queef quarters

    another way to say v-g-n-, presumably said when a woman is a known queefer d-mn, jenny is hot i know dude, but her queef quarters are totally nasty.

  • queef queen

    a chick who is the queen of all queefs! i mean every step she takes she just slips em’ out. its the equivalent to v-g-n-l-cropdusting. colie is a queef queen, man. we were hanging out on sat-rday riding bikes and every single time she pedaled it shook the earth. when your working out with your […]

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