Lace Up

meaning to get ready and keep on going though the struggles of life

popularized by the rapper mgk
average person: life sucks, my girlfriend dumped me 🙁

mgk: lace up man!
made popular by cleveland rapper machine gun kelly, it means to step your game up and get ready to rage.
three days til spring break in cancun! lace up!
lace the f-ck up is a metaphor for getting ready for what life throws at you
“but the world sucks, better lace up”
popularized by mgk (machine gun kelly)’s est movement, “lace up” is a life mantra. basically it means that no matter what, get up, “lace up” your chuck ts (mgk’s shoe of choice), and get out there and make things happen. people who sat around, even in dark times, accomplished little. it’s those who, no matter what, get up and face the day, fight for what they want to happen, that change the world.
“i don’t know if i can do this, man…”
“come on! lace up!”
lace up means life is hard but you just should get ready and wait what life brings you and give a d-mn about what stress you at the moment because destiny will make it right (:
a: “i’m so affraid of the exam next week”
b: “lace up.”
step your game up , get crazy, party with some sl-ts, f-ck some b-tches, & get f-ck-ng wild.
n-gg- we about to party so lace up b-tch.

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