a wonderful person who gives her all in every thing; oh so s-xy in every way; mad cool; and loves her life and those in it; if you don’t like her get over it!
hey have you met lacole?
no, should i?
yeah she’s lacole

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  • wikispark

    using wikipedia, sparknotes, or some other informational site to complete -ssignments on literature you haven’t actually read. “dude, did write that ‘1984’ essay?” “i wikisparked it”


    shorthand for c-nt/ed him/her in the b-st-rd. often used in chat forums. dave – “pete is getting right on my t-ts talking about his new car” john – “why dont you just chitb and tell him to gtfo” or steve – “my wife burned my toast this morning” bill – “i hope you chitb!”

  • free pour

    -j-c-l-t-ng into a woman without having to worry about getting her pregnant. that chick is sterile so i get to free pour everytime…

  • Free Salsa

    the most kick-ss underground metal/punk/reggae band to ever emerge from cali. man, you ain’t heard of free salsa? you better ask somebody.

  • eqsux

    a small tiny man who is pale and enjoys peanutbuter and small dogs. also enjoy the company of a asain boy did you ever hear from that little eqsux kid?

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