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  • m*ssachusetts mudslide

    when the girl is on top riding -n-lly, she then gets up and begins violently squirting sh-t covering the mans torso and face. she proceeds to slide down the torso while eating root beer ice cream. you know denise if you really wanna spice up your marriage i’ve heard of the m-ssachusetts mudslide. janette tried […]

  • strawberry chocolate surprise

    strawberry chocolate surprise is when you have -n-l s-x and pull out and there’s blood and sh-t on ya d-ck. bob pulled his d-ck out of mary’s b-tthole and looked down in horror, realizing he had a strawberry chocolate surprise.

  • colinless

    to be in the absence of colin. generally a good thing i think mom and dad enjoy being colinless

  • akimblow

    to have two d-cks inside your mouth at the same time. yo, she let me bring my friend along, lets just say, she did an akimblow.

  • french centipede

    a french centipede is when a canadian male has two male genitalia’s aka the p-n-s you did you know pierre is a french centipede? nah bruh that’s sick

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