that n-gg- a f-cking b-tch, and he is kinda fat
d-mn ladarrius

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  • confuseld

    to be extra confused. mostly used when you don’t get something with school or schoolwork. origin: english, alegabra cl-ss. teacher: what is 9^2 + c^2 = 14^2? student 1: c~= 10.72 teacher: correct. student2: wait, i don’t get how you do this. i’m confuseld.

  • hypebaesic

    derived from “hypebae” (hypebeast’s female focused online platform) a hypebaesic is a girl who is the basic version of a hypebae. she’ll only wear mainstream streetwear sh-t for the gram and have a starbucks while she’s at it. omg look at that hypebaesic, she’s posing for ig in the supreme whilst holding a starbucks. lol.

  • trumperdumpered

    the act of getting completely donged on. you’ve been trumperdumpered.

  • nasty galll

    someone who has their weave in for too long and it stank like -ss whenever they move a: have you seen shaniqua yet? b: no… you mean have you smelt her. she had that same weave in for 8 1/2 months a: ooouuu!! i just thought she has not taken any shower since birth b: […]

  • sabodad

    translation: suck a bag of d-cks and die an acronym that can be directed at others when you would like them to suck a bag of d-cks and die. i hate that freaking t-rd. that dingus can sabodad.

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