when you spoon with a girl taller with you. the girl wraps her legs backwards around the big spoon, encomp-ssing the man like a ladle.
amanda and i were ladling last night, she wrapped me up like soup.
spooning where the back person is grossly overweight and the front person is not.
hey jennie, what’s up with margie ladling steve at the company retreat? she was totally giving him the four on the floor reacharound.
the dominant alpha male straightens his upper extremities and curls his legs in a manner that resembles a ladle. the delicate beta female curls herself into ball and fits perfectly into the males legs, like a lock in a f-cking key….or a matza ball in a f-cking ladle. that, my dimwitted friends, is ladling…’nuff said
ladling is fun
ladling is common
ladling is the greatest
kinky spooning
person 1: aw dude i totally ladled with her last night
person 2: super sweet man, ladling is the bees knees
the act of playing with droopy b-lls with a ladle. the b-lls and ladle should be warm, so they they droop as much as possible.
i really enjoy ladling b-lls
spooning for fat people.
becky, did you see those sweaty hogs ladling on that bed at sleep country usa? gross!
when 2 people are spooning and there is no room for a third, the third person flops on top, thus making a ladle shape.
a key skilll to prevent being a third wheel on lazy hungover sat-rday afternoons.
i was spooning elinor and there was no more room so liam began ladling
the act of spooning with more than two people.
jack and jill were ladling with their friend johnny.

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