a name or boss.
ladon is coming take a seat.

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  • drawl be gone

    an imaginary repellant that eliminates all forms of tuff drawl. john: yo that buhls drawlin mega a1. james: ard imma whip out the drawl be gone and fix buhl up.

  • self appointed saint syndrome

    (abbreviated s-ss) a state of mind in which the sufferer (the self-appointed saint) patronizes others, under the belief that they helped those people attain some sort of salvation. although it’s similar to god complex, s-ss is different in that sufferers use an unnecessary amount of compliments and gifts to patronize their victims. this makes the […]

  • tally on that

    checking out scores or information. when something matches. military slang. “she said she’s out with her friends.” “tally on that.” “what?” “her friends told me that too.”

  • nethaniah

    a person that is hyped, excited i am nethaniah right now

  • kutucus lingus

    when you lick the booty hole. or tickle the booty hole. he asked for the kutucus lingus last night.

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