advice from the lads
lad 1: boys, i need some ladvice.
c-nt of the group: f-ck off it’s not loose women.
soppy one: whats up mate?

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  • shower slacker

    one who does not like to shower and who will put off showering at the expense of those around him/her dude, we about to go get dinner and you need to stop being a shower slacker so you don’t offend everyone at the restaurant with your stank.

  • holaroid

    a selfie taken by a thot. she doesn’t take selfie’s, she takes holaroids.

  • elon musked it

    you found a way to have huge b-lls and be a jerk but still be respected by other people. you elon musked it so bad.

  • baconater

    a fat bird chode of a guy usually named brady who is an angry little elf. look at that little midget hitting people, he’s such a baconater

  • fawnskin

    the delicate innermost skin of a woman’s v-g-n-. also known as the l-b– minora. yes, you may caress my fawnskin.

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