lady dot

name for a period
“i just got my lady dot”

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  • b*tter flip

    closely following the truffle b-tter. this technique sees the female quickly performing oral, ingesting the truffle b-tter. having been flipped successfully, the partic-p-ting party is then free to repeat as necessary. “baby gimme that b-tter flip!”

  • sellah

    an absolutely beautiful women. any man would kill to have a sellah. if you have a sellah, never let her go. goes perfect with an isaac (look up isaac) man she’s hot!!!! that’s sellah!!!!

  • runny sh*t

    a diarrhea like substance that will make you scream and shout until it is all out. it usually last for a day or longer. if it ends up in your pants it is the worst clean up you will ever experience. yesterday i couldn’t go into work because i had horrible runny sh-t.

  • neroilektrikosphobia

    the fear of dropping something electric into a body of water. the fear will come when there is a risk of breaking the gadget, like dropping your phone into a lake, or disturbing your well-being, like dropping a toaster into your bath. sarah is waiting to receive a call from the bank, but needs to […]

  • soggy oyster

    having a middle aged woman put salt on her v-g-n- and then having a old white man lick it off. man that chicks getting a soggy oyster tonight

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