a bis-xual leaf.
look at thar queer little laef lol.

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  • curt cobained

    when your girlfriend, wife, or fling fails to aim or cover your erect member during a hundjob and during -j-c-l-t–n you “shoot” yourself in the face! my girlfriend gave me a hanjob and i got “curt cobained” in the face

  • ferrick

    noun. a person with a bad hairline adj. the quality of having a bad hairline verb. to have a bad hairline 1. n get out of here, you ferrick!! 2. adj whatever you do, just dont be ferrick, man!! 3. v did you see john ferricking?? he needs to learn some decent manners!!

  • hoodronic

    some hood ghetto sh-t that wasn’t expected that sh-t was hoodronic

  • taint cringe

    the feeling one gets when looking at someone else’s wound that gives a cringing sensation in the taint. oh my god! seeing your wicked scar gave me taint cringe!

  • walmart fish

    someone who is extremely gross and petty d-mn, my side chick, she’s a walmart fish

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