someone who only has three fingers and/or toes.
i’m a lafiggero

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  • disgraceway

    taking the long way home. why don’t you re-route from the inevitable dead end disgraceway path to nowhere you’re pimple headed in.

  • no jumpin in the sewer

    just…don’t jump in the sewer tho. ok, in all serious, no jumpin’ in the sewer is a non-reoccurring catchphrase by rick sanchez in the iconic modern cartoon rick and morty. “remember kids, no jumpin’ in the sewer!”

  • gump zone

    similar to the friend zone, where one person (usually a woman) keeps a member of the opposite s-x available as a safety net for a potential future relationship, a fallback to provide for the person and/or their children in case the prospects for a better relationship all fall through (ie better looking, more money). the […]

  • i hate myself and want to die

    the name of a kick-ss song by nirvana. the t-tle was sarcastic and was also going to be the t-tle of their final alb-m in 1993, t-tled in utero. this song’s t-tle is know very screwed up because kurt was murdered in 1994. i hate myself and want to die is a great song.

  • sh*tritz

    to get high on drugs. i’m totally sh-tritzing it on new year’s eve.

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