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can you define it?

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  • ultimate skux

    a guy in a group of people that everyone secretly hates and is a f-ckwit kieran’s an ultimate skux

  • frozen toaster

    when you toast some bread, nut all over it, and then feed it to your girlfriend. d-mn, my boyfriend just gave me the best frozen toaster ever!

  • velvet lesbian

    an emotionally pretentious person. someone who holds themselves to a standard that can be easily usurped. is deeply offended by any type of criticism. john is such a velvet lesbian. i have to pretend that i like all of his music because he gets emotional when people don’t share his musical opinion. “you just don’t […]

  • fart sausage

    a sh-t or t-rd, particularly as a result of having p-ssed wind. i think brian has done a fart sausage after following through who has left this fart sausage floating in the bowl without even bothering to flush??!

  • zalphing

    when someone is playing a fighting game and is wrecking you by being able to do complex combos. however the opponent is not even able to even execute a simple combo due to game messing up. zalphus is zalphing me, i can’t even do sh-t.

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