laityn is a sweet and loving girl. she always seems to be happy and tries to be, she is very secretive and loves to make new friends! be careful though if you get on her bad side she will still be nice to you in person but will dislike you very much. laityn is beautiful and guys fall for her but she always denies it. laityn usually has a love for the nighttime sky and could stare at it all day! she is a amazing friend and will always try to be there for you, she is a lucid dreamer and has quite the imagination. if you ever get the chance to meet a laityn stay close she will show you the world in a way you have never seen it before! she is sensitive but is always on the positive side of things! she hates to feel left out, forgotten, and replaced. if you look into her eyes you can see wonder and curiosity dancing through them. never let go of a laityn she is unique and you will never find anyone quite like her.
laityn walked down the street with her friends.

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