Lake Shawnee

an infamous lake community of jefferson township’s hopatcong side of town. in this community you will witness thousands of cigarette b-tts and empty beer can littered throughout. people drive recklessly throughout the lake. at the 2nd beach part of the lake, you can find where the true og’s live.
i breathed in the air of lake shawnee and got high from it.
lake shawnee is one of the cleaner lakes up on the north west end of jefferson twp…..there is no trash here, the only problem to the lake are the swans that nest here. they are really going to hurt someone soon.

when you talk trash, that means you are trash…if you have nothing nice to say dont say it at all.
lake shawnee’s clean and great for fishing too…
small lake front community located on the lake hotpatcong side of jefferson, nj. theres a tremendous amount a drinking and drug use. it has three beaches, second beach (the dirtiest part of all) is home to crack attacts along with a species of rock eating mammals.
yo man wanna go to lake shawnee and chew some rocks….
a small lake community in jefferson twp, nj that feeds into lake hopatcong. its not dirty, or trashy. its beautiful, the trashy people are the problem. lake shawnee has huge turtles and a kick–ss swim team. the lake, however, is crawling with lesbians. the most beer cans you will see in your life, can be located in the woods surrounding lake shawnee. the east side of the lake is most deffinetly the best. the west side is trash.
lake shawnee kicks -ss.

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