a gentleman or lady who is not of sound mind, generally used either in jest or in reference to a short temper.
about a person: “alan? he’s lakes! i saw him flaking two knackers the other night!”
an expression used to signify something that is good, fun or otherwise pleasing.

purported to have originated in the portsmouth (or pompy) area of southeast england.
“that rave last night was lakes mush”
lake is pretty , playful , spontaneous girl . that has many friends . she’s a bubbly playful girl that attracts many unneeded boys no matter what . a lake has true beauty and loves a peaceful calm life and sometimes may come of as a b-tch but is really just guarding herself from unwanted drama .
“wow , who’s the stunnah”
“oh she’s a lake “or” oh that’s ,our schools lake ”
the most amazing guy you will ever meet. he can make you laugh and smile no matter what you are feeling. he will always be right there for you when ever you need him and will always have your back. he is a great friend to have. he is one of the most loyal, trustworthy and honest guy you will ever be acquainted with. he is funny sweet and caring. he’s a lady’s man but if you have the privilege to be his girl you will be his one and only and will treat you like royalty. he is a total cowboy, handsome as h-ll and an amazing person all around.
wow, lake is so awesome, why can’t there be more guys like him.
1. (v.) the act of forcing another human unwillingly into a lake.
guy #1: please for the love g-d do not lake me in that lake that you will force me into unwillingly.
a person who thinks he is better than everyone else, yet self-conscious of himself, since he has an extremely small d-ck; synonymous with douchebag , jack-ss, tool, and pr-ck
katie: so, why did you and tommy break up?
claire: because he was a lake.
a pot smoking, drug addicted man wh-r-.
that is shorter then an oompa loompa

he gets girls way to easily even though he looks a mole rat.
don’t trust him at all, hes a womanizer
he will cheat on ur -ss and pretend that he loves you.

ps- lake davis pasely!

xoxo you know who<3 adrian: hey are you going out with lake? tiana: no way! id never date that creature adrian: oh i see what you mean he looks a rat.

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