literally the definition of a dumb white piece of trash wh-r-.
his brother literally just dumped you.. don’t be such a lakgen!

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  • mckuen

    the act of putting a human male’s finger into a female honey badger’s mouth. it could also be slang for oral s-x with hookers. man bro, i pulled a mckuen on her! in nature, you rarely see a mckuen

  • goon gargling

    the act of having both goon (australian boxed wine) and a man’s t-st-cl-s in ones mouth and gargling both simultaneously until the point of -j-c-l-t–n. this is usually followed by the goon gargler swallowing both the goon and the man’s sperm. ‘ this goonbag got me so f-cking h-rny..fancy me some goon gargling tonight’

  • link up no stink up

    its when you trying to link that kush and keep that dank smell on the low you, we about to link up no stink up

  • pbamo

    stupid online noobs who think they are cool. that player nitrocaliber is such a pbamo

  • deprexiom

    lowest state of depression and sadness. jp: “told the love of my life i love her. when asking if she loves me back, she said “nooo”. vk: deprexiom man.

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