lamadia is located on the northern hemisphere. it is a small island between europe and asia which you probably haven’t heard of. it’s isolation and size keeps much of the world unaware of it’s beauty. in fact, the people who live here are often highly intelligent and quite beautiful. the language that they speak is lamadian. the most popular religion people follow is called lamquan. and no, just because it sounds like it doesn’t mean they worship llamas as a god. the lamquan faith truly believes in sacrificing children in order to please the gods. as you might know, the carthaginians, israelites, the etruscans, the chinese, the celts, the hawaiians, the mesopotamians, the aztecs, the egyptians, and the inacs all believe in sacrificing human beings. every year they sacrifice 2 children. there is one girl and one boy who are chosen. people who follow lamquan go to a lamquan church and pray to lamazen, the god, every tuesday.
mike: did you know ded o was lamadian?

tony: wow i didn’t, that’s cool!

mike: yeah i speak fluent lamadian.

tony: d-mn dude! we should be best friends.

mike: you’re right, you seem awesome.

tony: ded o buddy…you there?

ded o: o

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