a p-ssy eating lesbian hoe normally goes for black p-ssy
i hooked up with a lambers

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  • poolcuzzi

    a poolcuzzi is if a pool and a jacuzzi had a baby! it is larger than a jacuzzi but smaller than a pool. you can put a plethora of hoes in it! i had 20 hoes sitting in my poolcuzzi getting wet!

  • specissimistic

    a mashing of specific and pessimistic. used to describe people who shoot down your dreams with logic. jared is so specissimistic. i told him that i want to be an artist, and he explained every reason why i wouldn’t get paid enough.

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    in case if you hate furries, you kill a furry. let’s just commit furrycide and kill many furries.

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    the term “job doe” is used to represent operating at one’s maximal capacity. it can be used with respect to an individual or group. this term is versatile and can be used in many contexts. when someone says that they are “on their job doe”, it means that they are firing on all cylinders. one […]

  • jfsm

    acronym for just f-cking shoot me i sent a text to my ex last night while i was drunk, jfsm.

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