L’ame Immortelle

l’ame immortelle are an austrian tanz-metal/ndh/goth metal band fronted by sonja kraushofer (female singer) and thomas rainer (male singer).

l’ame immortelle is french for the immortal soul. the band have been mostly underground since they started in 1996.
metalhead: i love l’ame immortelle! the variation between the male and female singers is brilliant! the gig last night was awesome!

r-t-rd chav: they french?

metalhead: no! they’re an austrian ndh tanz metal band

r-t-rd chav: foreign stuff sucks! so does metal… i’d rather eat horse sh-t than listen to that cr-p!

metalhead: raaawwwrrrr
-unpleasant chav-being-killed noises-

metalhead: l’ame immortelle rule!

me: yes they do

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