animal backwords lamina
i feel like a lamina today
def: animal backwards

its from a old muppet babies cartoon where animal the muppet is called the great lamina. it tends to transaltes to people usually a specific person who is an unorthadox maniac especially in sports. like really short people in basket ball who ram the tall people in the b-lls with their heads on a lay-up to prevent getting rejected.
oh cr-p darnell is covering the hoop! its ok, just give it to the great lamina and he will just peck him in the b-lls with his head.
refer to a female that is wh-r-‘ish. very “friendly” with multiple men
all females in the p-rno industry is a lamina
a light skinned wh-r- or hispanic wh-r-. animal spelled backwards. regular wh-r-s are called animals.
that little cuban woman is a lamina!

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