Land Pirate

a modern day gypsy.

persons who can’t resist the open road and often take off on random unplanned road trips, looting and pillaging.

persons who travel around the country in a van and practice freeganism and perhaps some shoplifting in order to stick it to “the man”
“those girls are land pirates. they travel around in that van selling handmade art and performing at music festivals. ”

“check out the skull and cross bones those land pirates painted on their van.”

“i just saw a land pirate stick a bottle of jack daniels down her pants,walk out of the store and jump in the back of that van.”
firemen- they drive around in the big red pirate ships to pilage and plunder inside of your house while putting out the fire. thanks for putting out the fire, where is grandmothers pearls?
here come the land pirates arrrr! hide your wallet!
slang for pikey or traveller. thieving sc-m who will rob you, your mum and your grandma or anything and everything. generally found driving around in a probably stolen ford transit van or a tipper loaded with scr-p metal and stolen goods. happy to fight with anyone and even better if weapons are involved – a land pirate wedding isn’t the same without a good stabbing or two!

will have no respect for the law and will happily fight with the old bill when they try to make some sort of dent in their criminal activities. likely to crash your car that they’ve just stolen when the police try and stop them and they floor it.
my house lost 100k in value when the f-ck-ng land pirates moved into the field over the road.
a term given to members of the travelling community in ireland. this term is derived from the similarity between them and actual pirates, the main difference being that they are on land.
‘scorp the bad land pirates robbing the fein!!’
a person who has never or is rarely ever been on the internet and therefore would not understand most internet terms and when something offensive is said they take it seriously
on chatroulette

you: wanna get raped?
stranger: no how old are you 9?
you: it’s a joke you dirty land pirate!!

note: not an actual conversation
someone who gets in a car with lots of other people. then they proceed to drive around a city with air horns and a big wooden plank which they use to board other cars. like pirate but with cars.
we got attacked by land pirates today. they stole my sanity.

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