langerado is a music festival held every year in south florida. the first festival was in 2003, which started out as a one day event. over the years, langerado has progressed into a 4-day music festival, so there are more concerts, and more people. people camp out at the festival and have one grand ol’ time.

langerado is very similar to the music festival bonaroo (which is held every summer in tennessee), only langerado is smaller. langerado has definitely grown quite a bit and there are definitely a lot of people that attend, but is still not as large as bonaroo.

“jambands” and hippies are what are thought to attend these festivals the most. while there is a lot of patchouli in the air at langerado along with jambands, there are many other kinds of bands there–you have some pop, you have reggae, ska, rock, alternative, electronic, etc.

the scene there is to get yourself out there–enjoy the music you like, and explore different kinds of activities, art, music, etc., that you haven’t been exposed to yet. there is also a big drug scene (like at many similar music festivals), mostly psychedelic drugs and pot.

it happens over spring break every year–why the h-ll not??

check out
1. bob finally received his langerado ticket in the mail last week. it was more beautiful than he had ever imagined.

2. langerado is the average headie’s version of christmas.

3. march 6 2008–so close yet so far away!!

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