the holy grail of intelligence.
d-mn, i can’t find my dictionary. dude just ask lapsii.

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  • sac fly

    the act of leaving a party in such a way as to entice law enforcement officials to pursue, so that everyone else can get away clean. thank g-d mulder did that sac fly so that no one else got arrested. having to do with, or pertaining to the act of exiting a party in a […]

  • sales-tax hoe

    on a scale of 1-10, ten being a dime, this girl is below a one. usually a .8-.9 rating. basically she can not look any worse. mike – “you see that huge -ss chick?” erik- “yeah dude she’s gross, that’s like a one” mike – “no that was not even a one, that’s a sales-tax […]

  • paczki

    when a man blows inside a girl and then pushes on her pelvic area and let his baby batter ooze out. i finished inside her and pushed on her pelvic to get up and all of my baby batter oozed out and was like d-mn girl you look like a paczki….

  • paedos*xual

    an individual who is attracted to minors but does not and has not engaged in any activity with them. the dirty paedos-xual needed mental help. one who is s-xually oriented towards prep-b-scent children; this word does -not- imply action, contrary to the other definition. most paedos-xuals do not molest children. someone who actually engages in […]

  • salfdhj

    straight armed look forward double hand job. pr-nounced “saul – ph – didge”. for an extra $20, the hooker gave ben and jared a salfdhj.

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