lara kalafatis

lara kalafatis is the coolest kat around, a greek goddess who is funny, kind, sporty, chatterbox and loves being friendly and kind to everyone! she sticks up for her friends as she can be a little over protective at times, but that always comes out as a good thing. she is beautiful, most commonly has nearly black hair with dark blue eyes and a very dry sense of humor! she couldnt live without chocolate and animals! shes a party girl, and always helps out her friends when their in a tough situation! she makes friends easily but can sometimes be a bit of an ocd freak, just check out her room, and you can understand””
dude : wow that girl is so beautiful and kind!
girl : i know shes really sweet and lovessss chocolate, hehe!
dude : she must be a lara kalafatis, wow! <3

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