loving, wonderful and kind. very s-xy and wild in bed.
hardheaded but very wonderfully loving
“mmm i want me a larry”

“that guys name must be larry, just because hes hotttttt”
a comical yet crazy guy. often loud and obnoxious.
-yo you see that sick b-st-rd over there yelling and screamin?
-haha yea hes gotta be a larry
the hottest thing since sunburn. the larry is incredibly s-xy, a great kisser, and the kind of guy you just want to walk up to and hug. he’s fun to be around and easy to talk to. everyone should have a larry in their lives!
“did you see that larry?”

“the hotter-than-hot one? how could i fail to notice?!”
the couple name for harry styles and louis tomlinson of one direction. this couple is real and directoners will kill you if you say it is fake.
girl 1: omg did you see the video where a girl threw furry hand cuffs in stage at the one direction concert? harry showed them to louis and louis was like “later”.
girl 2: cl-ssic larry moment. they probably did it backstage.
another term for marijuana. there’s good larry, bad larry, mediocre larry, left over larry. even already been vaporized larry. but when it comes down to it, all larry is, is just larry. he can pick you when your down. make you smile when you wanna frown. he makes you forget things that are important. but yet you only remember certain things when he’s around. he’s reliable and trustworthy, always there when you need him. he’s the perfect friend.
that larry, he sure is one good lookin dude. and d-mn does he smell bangin!
often intense to the point of intimidating in every facet of life, larry’s can scare people with how authentic they are. larry’s are smart and creative people that know what love should look like but never get the chance for it to flourish because society rejects them. larry’s often end up alone because so few understand them, and fewer want to hang around once they do because they just scare the cr-p out of the rest.
i’m gonna go all larry on you
to leave behind an unfinished beer
my girl took a few sips of her beer and left it unfinished next to the television. she left a larry!

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