last name swallow

an idiot
last name swallow is an idiot

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  • bootiac

    when the fat and flesh of the back and the fat and flesh of the b-ttocks combine, forming one singular fleshy unit. her back and booty have combined into a bootiac!

  • cell mates

    noun the general theory that your mobile phone (cell phone) knows you better than anyone else based on hearing all of your phone calls, knowing all of your texts, facebook updates, emails, gps locations, etc. and is therefore one of your best friends. after all, there is no person or device that you interact with […]

  • xerphonicing

    a term used for when you threaten suicide against someone else if they don’t give you enough attention. “omg, i can’t get enough of this girl. i’ve been xerphonicing her all night.”

  • madidnt

    when an engineer, normally by the name of madhu, forgets to do something which was a requirement on a jira -ssigned to them. he madidnt do it…again.

  • nopi

    a giant all male orgy where guys ride around listening to the new luke bryan alb-m drinking wine coolers slinging c-m on their dashes and other interior parts man nopi was so fun this past year i never knew i enjoyed d-ck like that.

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