a coffee with milk, which costs 5 times as much as a coffee with milk.
gimme a venti latte with extra foam! and is there any way you can charge me more money without giving me any more in return? you can?! great!
ideally one third espresso, two-thirds warm milk with a small head of foam.
a handjob at starbucks. idiocracy
“man, that was a good latte!”
a type of coffee drink that is approximately one third espresso and two-thirds steamed milk, with a layer of foamed milk approximately 5 mm thick on the top.
despite what the people here may think, you can get lattes from cafes other than starbucks and for a cheaper price
a dessert type of coffee which makes idiots think they are sophisticated by drinking it
look at the wuss drinking his latte!
when a man is acting like a woman would when she is on her peroid.
“tj was acting really grumpy and mean today”
“yah i noticed that too i think he might be on his latte”
means morning wood in german
he woke up with a latte this morning.

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