wow that kid is such a latuga!

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  • Exclipsis

    (n.) an exclipsis is a punctuation mark used to express extreme emphasis, the result of combining an exclamation mark (or exclamation point) ‘!’ with an ellipsis ‘…’ giving you an exclipsis ‘!!!’. it provides a formal name and an acceptance for a common practice in language today. pl. exclipses. i can’t believe what i just […]

  • Shoot me

    to give me or to send me. hey bruh, can you shoot me some bread?

  • calling station

    in poker, a player who often calls but seldom raises — making him impossible to bluff but easy to beat with good cards. “george is a calling station, so don’t try to get him off his cards unless you have at least top pair.”

  • looks both ways before crossing the street

    someone who is bis-xual she looks both ways before crossing the street.

  • Shorloot

    a sl-t, wh-r-, sloot (super sl-t). hey brah your mom is such a shorloot.

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