fat -ss from swedistan
what a latvio

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    when a non-black person is atracted s-xually to black people. originally it was used for when a white woman dates black men, but now it could refer to a white man who thinks black women are hot and wants to date them. a stevie wonder song about black man/white woman love. “she’s gon black guy […]

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    mango headed person; big nose; likes to fight with indians. doesn’t watch p-rn because he’s a virgin. loves nerds and gingers instead of girls. best friend with money man aka business man named gheriri. did you see that qussai headed person

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    jitish also known as jitshot is a very s-xy beast jitish is a s-xy male that is best friends with frankie mcdonald

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    the living creature that was created by a russian after he injected chicken eggs with his own supermarket and let them incubate. you’re such a hummunculous!

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