big d-ck
hey look at that lauderdale!!

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    pr-nounced (in•thuh•sis) short for “in the system” of whoever the subject happens to be. this is usually referring to drugs and alcohol but it can refer to other things as well. “i got liquor in the sys!” “excuse her. she got too much c-ke in the sys.” “we gotta find an antidote. for god’s sake […]

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    god of destruction in the religion – sudraism quite similar looking to the god of destruction beerus “did you hear about that? god kalyan just destroyed another planet.”

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    att dra en albin or in english draw an albin means burping very loudly and making stinky burps, extremly stinky allmost like a fart but from your mouth. another way to say dra en albin is släppa sig which translates into farting in swedish. the expression originates from a swidish league of legends player named […]

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    the act of making an inappropriate song lyric family friendly in a really bad way. nikki minaj talks about d-cks so much that we have to kidzbopafy all her songs!

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    the sweaty area region between the golden jewels and the poo shoot i have a sweaty gouch

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