when someone steals your joke and uses it to get their own laughs.

lisa: “man, tracy jordan is so stupid-smart!….i just made that up!”


john: “i’ve been using stupid-smart all day, and btw, i just submitted it to the urban dictionary!”

lisa: “wtf?! you totally laugh-jacked me!”

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  • Law #3601

    everyone on the internet is male until proven otherwise. “i just met this chick on the internet and we’re gonna hook up.” corrected with law #3601 “i just met this dude on the internet and now i’m going to be -n-lly raped.”

  • lawn capping

    the art of stealing peoples lawn ornaments. bro jump out the car n steal that f-kin gnome… ud just be ill at lawn capping!!

  • Lebeesian

    a coloquial term for lesbian. pr-nounced “le-bee-shan” “you are such a lebeesian” or “oh my goodness, look at those girls, they are so lebeesian”

  • levi lobster

    levi lobster, p-n-s i had a great date lined up & asked her if she would like to go out to eat or stay at home for some seafood? after agreeing to stay at my place she asked, “where’s the seafood?” i proceeded to un-zip my fly & let her feast on my levi lobster.

  • Legacy Item

    something p-ssed from person to person to person, etc… person one: nice hoodie, where did you get it? person two: i got it from anna, who got it from mike, who got it from keith… person one: oh, so it’s a legacy item. person two: yeah.

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