laurel & hearty

refers to a pair of girls, where one of them is thin (yet of marginal looks), while the other is a fat girl. the thinner, uglier girl pairs up with the fatter girl in order to make herself look better (that is, in the eyes of potential suitors). a reference to the cl-ssic comic duo of laurel & hardy, where there is a thin person (laurel), while the other (hardy) is bigger (in this case, owing to the heavier girth, it is corrupted to hearty- like a hearty appet-te).
(roger and dave, looking at two girls on the street, resembling the aforementioned above)

roger: hey, dave. look at those two girls. the skinny girl is kind of ugly. what is she doing hanging around with the fat girl?

dave: don’t you know? it’s a cl-ssic case of a laurel & hearty. can’t you see that the thin ugly girl is using the fat girl to make herself look better?

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