the lol-equivalent of an -rg-sm.

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  • lawndry

    a synonym for laundry. laun-dry sounds like lawn-dry. it’s where it came from. get with it. “yo, it be rainin’, my lawndry be turning all wet n’ sh-t. dat lawn-wet.”

  • choun

    derived from the arabic name “said” direct translation in upper canadian english is “sachoun”, later shortend to “choun” 1. “hey you know that guys said who plays hockey?” reply “ya i know choun.”

  • chow town

    a word meaning ‘dinner’ or, more generally, ‘food’. most often used by white people when asking of what a particular meal consists. coined by k.c. green in his gunshow comic for april 12. bro 1: what’s for chow town, bro? bro 2: dude … easy mac ‘n’ cheese bro 1: oh yes!

  • chowz

    meaning chow, (another word for bye), with an added z at the end for some extra spice. yeah i g2g.. chow k chowz

  • chrismy*ss

    a more modern and less courteous way of saying bah humbug. a phrase used to show disdain, disinterest, frustration or general irritation with the holiday season. when you can’t stand being around insane crowds, bad drivers, fake cheeriness and stupidly decorated houses any more, just yell it at everyone. cratchit: hey neighbor! have some christmas […]

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